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Lesson 131 – “Gil Bates, Part 1: The Beginning of Our Story”


Gil Bates is a dedicated Christian, loving husband, and the father of 19 children. After committing his life to Christ while in high school, Gil’s life was completely transformed. Gil met his wife, Kelly, while attending a junior college. The two became friends, but it wasn’t until Gil transferred to another school that he realized how much he liked Kelly. Gil recounts how God brought them together in marriage. He also shares how God brought them to the decision to trust God for the size of their family.


Length: 20 min.

Primary Topic: Total Surrender

Date: 2017


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1 thought on “Lesson 131 – “Gil Bates, Part 1: The Beginning of Our Story””

  1. Thank you for this video. When we got married almost 34 years ago we were told that we should control the number and timing of children by Christians we knew and in our premarital counseling. It never occurred to me that we should’t be in control and to let God plan our family. It was not until after we had our third child that the Institute exposed us to this concept. We prayed and gave this area over to the Lord and God blessed us with 12 children in all. This past week we have been organizing our office area and purging old files in our file cabinet. Sifting through the mountains of paper I came across a paper my husband wrote before we were married while he was in Seminary about birth control. On his final page he concluded that Christians should give control of family planning over to the Lord. I was so surprised as I had never heard of this before marriage, and here was a paper that revealed that my husband had a heart for children even before our wedding.

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