2012 Conference Series

29 videos, 27 hours
Our young people can become mighty upon the earth by learning to fear the Lord, delighting greatly in His commandments, leading many to Christ, and discipling them to be successful people, providers, persuaders, partners, and parents!
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2013 Conference Series

31 videos, 24 hours
This conference was designed to give powerful truths for the day in which we now live. There are only two reasons why we do not live in daily victory: either we do not know the truth or we are not...
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2014 Conference Series

31 videos, 23 hours
Often life presents questions and problems for which we simply do not have answers; this is what draws us to Jesus, “the author and finisher of our faith” and the One “in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom...
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2015 Conference Series

48 videos, 38 hours
Our loving heavenly Father promises to draw near to those who draw near to Him. (See James 4:8.) Drawing near to God is not an achievement we attain but a process of deepening a lifelong relationship with Him. As we...
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2015 Family Camp Series

6 videos, 5 hours
Every October families gather to have a fun-filled, relaxing week in east Texas at IAA’s Family Camp. Along with entertaining activities, attendees also hear guest speakers deliver messages from the Bible to encourage and exhort both young and old. Now...
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2016 Family Camp Series

5 videos, 4 hours
In October 2016, more than 1,000 guests and volunteers (including 300 first-timers!) attended IAA’s Annual Family Camp. They enjoyed an exciting week filled with activities, events, and encouraging messages. The theme was “Now is the Time, Let Your Light So...
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2016 Family Conference Series

34 videos, 27 hours
The best way to walk in the light is to make God’s Word a lamp to our feet and a light unto our path. Many believers around the world long for fellowship. True fellowship happens by humbling ourselves and walking...
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2017 Family Camp Series

6 videos, 7 hours
Every October families gather to have a fun–filled, relaxing week in east Texas at IAA’s Family Camp. Along with entertaining activities, attendees also hear special speakers deliver messages from the Bible to encourage and exhort young and old. We want to...
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2017 Family Conference Series

38 videos, 28 hours
The theme for the 2017 Family Conference was “Trust in the Lord.” Scripture exhorts us: “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5). While it is easy to place confidence in...
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2017 Fathers' Conference Series

9 videos, 8 hours
The role of fathers in the lives of children is designed by God to be a direct reflection of the role of our heavenly Father. Children whose fathers give in to anger, anxiety, lust, and greed often develop a distorted...
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2018 Family Camp Series

7 videos, 6 hours
Every October families gather to have a fun-filled, relaxing week in east Texas at ALERT’s Family Camp. The 2018 Family Camp featured the theme, “Wagonloads of Blessings!” Attendees not only enjoyed the various activities but also were encouraged and exhorted...
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2018 Family Conference Series

50 videos, 41 hours
A Call to Love God calls us to be beacons of Christ’s love to a lost and dying world. As Christ’s love is visible in our lives, it is the evidence of truly being His disciple. Where do we find...
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2018 Father/Son Conference Series

9 videos, 8 hours
Fathers play a critical role in passing faith in God to their children. However, many fathers have neglected this responsibility. It is time for men to take the lead and pass the torch of faith to the next generation! Fathers,...
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2019 Family Camp Series

7 videos, 6 hours
Every October families gather to have a fun-filled, relaxing week in east Texas at ALERT’s Family Camp. The 2019 Family Camp featured the theme, “Because of Christ” Attendees not only enjoyed the various activities but also were encouraged and exhorted...
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2019 Family Conference Series

38 videos, 29 hours
So much more! One by one, this year's conference speakers patiently turned our attention from customary norms onto what God has prepared for those who seek Him. Each taste of glory still holds a promise of much more to be...
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2019 Men's Conference Series

10 videos, 8 hours
What is “The One Thing No One Wants in Their Home”? “Who is the Richest Man in the World”? What is “The Danger of Teasing”? These intriguing titles begin the attention-grabbing messages presented at the 2019 Men’s Conference. Other messages,...
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2020 Family Camp Series

6 videos, 6 hours
Family Camp is a week of fellowship and fun that draws families from across the United States for a spiritually uplifting vacation in the scenic area of East Texas. Families enjoy campfires, heartwarming conversations, and make many new friends as...
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2020 Family Conference Series

7 videos, 6 hours
Family Conferences are weeklong life-changing family events. Rich fellowship, inspiring messages, and hands-on workshops make Family Conferences something to look forward to by anyone who has experienced one. Whether making new friendships with other families or rekindling relationships from previous...
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2021 Family Camp

8 videos, 7 hours
This October, over 1400 folks gathered for the largest ALERT Family Camp yet to enjoy a week brimming with the fellowship of like-minded believers.  In the midst of all the fun activities, this year’s speakers challenged attendees to be Courageous...
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2021 Family Conference Series

52 videos, 39 hours
Psalm 97:12 commands, “Rejoice in the Lord, ye righteous; and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness.” This passage echoes a command seen throughout Scripture: Rejoice and give thanks in all things. It is for this reason that the...
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2022 Family Camp

4 videos, 3 hours
The 2022 Family Camp theme featured "Christ has Overcome!" Looking at the news headlines and the circumstances we face, it is easy to feel discouraged and lose perspective in our weariness. Yet during another tumultuous time, as Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice...
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2022 Family Conference Series

40 videos, 31 hours
The 2022 Family Conference theme comes from Jesus’ words in John 8:31–32: “. . . If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”...
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2023 Family Camp Series

6 videos, 4 hours
Our theme is focused on encouraging families to renew their strength by relying on the power of the Lord God—the One Who knows all things, is over all things, and works through all things. Even when our circumstances are overwhelming,...
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2023 Family Conference Series

27 videos, 21 hours
Paul wrote to the Philippians: “Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God” (Philippians 4:6). In this command, the Greek word careful means “anxious.” In a...
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2024 Family Conference Series

2 videos, 2 hours
Right before this conference began, we were treated to an amazing display of the glory of God through a total solar eclipse! But observing God’s creation is just the beginning. The greatest revelation of the glory of God is in...
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Advanced Seminar

20 videos, 23 hours
The Advanced Seminar seeks to help alumni of the Basic Seminar to successfully apply the principles of Scripture on a practical level. As you delve deeper into seven basic principles that were introduced in the Basic Seminar, you will be...
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Anger Resolution Seminar

9 videos, 9 hours
The Anger Resolution Seminar equips individuals with the tools necessary for identifying and removing the root causes of anger and shows how God’s truth and power can achieve what our resolve cannot. It also explains how to avoid anger by...
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ATI Family Weekly

163 videos, 14 hours
This unique series—the ATI Family Weekly—is comprised of short messages given since September 2015. Topics are for both young people and parents, and they range from courtship stories to informative interviews about ministry opportunities such as teaching in Taiwan or...
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Basic Seminar

19 videos, 24 hours
Since the Seminar began in 1964, more than 2.5 million people around the world have learned how the Bible has lasting answers to life’s challenges and choices. Not only have these Biblical principles helped individuals deepen their personal walk with...
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The Christian Patriot's Essential Collection

6 videos, 4 hours
Darren Myers, founder of Freedom Focus, presents six live presentations with the purpose of reconnecting Christians to the truth of America’s beginnings. Be challenged and inspired to carry on the fight for freedom—the spiritual war has not changed! When conventional...
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Commands of Christ Commentaries

13 videos, 10 hours
The theme of all Scripture is to love God with all of our hearts and to love one another (see Matthew 22:40 and John 13:34). But how do we love God? And how do we know that we are loving...
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19 videos, 15 hours
COMMIT was founded in 1999 to encourage young ladies to make Christ the first priority in their hearts and make wise decisions throughout their lives. The messages in this series are highlights from COMMIT conferences held across the United States....
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Creation Proclaims

4 videos, 5 hours
Join Dr. Jobe Martin and Dan “The Animal Man” Breeding, as they go on a wild animal adventure! You will come face-to-face with some of the world’s most fascinating creatures — they are ferocious, mysterious, at times hilarious, and always...
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Daily Success Audio Devotional

344 videos, 3 hours
The daily messages included in this series were developed to help you establish the discipline, as well as experience the rewards, of meditating on God’s Word day and night. They are not meant to take the place of your own...
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Deeper Walk Conference

11 videos, 11 hours
The Deeper Walk "Abiding in the Vine" Conference was held in Nashville, TN and featured seasoned IBLP speakers such as Otto Koning and Keith Daniel, as well as new speakers from around the country. Themes of the weekend conference included...
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Embassy Live! Webcasts

10 videos, 12 hours
Embassy Live is a series of live online webcasts with a wide variety of powerful Christian speakers. If you would like to see when the next live webcast will be broadcasted, visit
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Financial Freedom Seminar

20 videos, 17 hours
Facing financial pressures or simply trying to avoid problems? Interested in what the Bible has to say about finances? This 16-hour video seminar, taught by Jim Sammons, has helped thousands of people avoid financial disaster as they have understood what the...
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Gospel Piano Techniques

16 videos, 2 hours
For over thirty years, famed Gospel pianist Rudy Atwood blessed audiences with his unique playing style on the radio show “The Old Fashioned Revival Hour”. Now, the same techniques that changed the face of Gospel music are available in this...
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Heroes of Faith Audiobook Series

9 videos, 10 hours
Do you like biographies? Then this series will interest you! Enjoy learning about and being inspired by the lives of nine men and women who are spotlighted in the “Heroes of the Faith” audio series. Included are the biographies of...
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Home Discipleship Training

21 videos, 14 hours
Learn from Christian home educating families who are working to center their lives and learning around the Word of God. Discover how to make the wisdom and truth of God’s Word the foundation of your family and home discipleship.
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Learning Efficiency

11 videos, 9 hours
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Legacy of Faith: Keith Daniel

5 videos, 3 hours
Born and raised in South Africa, Keith’s early years were marked by tremendous hardship. When his father, a successful businessman, became an alcoholic, their home life dramatically changed. The broken state of Keith’s family caused him to turn to the...
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Legacy of Faith: Larry Guthrie

5 videos, 3 hours
The Legacy of Faith: Larry Guthrie documentary series features the testimony of a man who discovered the futility of his own ways and the power of God’s ways. Being a gifted speaker and engaging instructor, Larry begins by sharing about...
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Legacy of Faith: Lew Sterrett

5 videos, 3 hours
The Legacy of Faith: Lew Sterrett series features the story of a man whose teaching technique has intrigued audiences for decades. Lew’s twofold gift of training horses while illustrating key principles has yielded unforgettable lessons. Although he had a love...
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Legacy of Faith: Otto Koning

9 videos, 5 hours
In commemoration of fifty years since the original Pineapple Story took place, this special documentary mini-series visits the incredible acts of God that the missionary, Otto Koning, experienced. Featuring authentic era photographs and engaging reenactments, the Legacy of Faith series...
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Noble Men

5 videos, 5 hours
God has put in the hearts of men to be noble instead of normal! Rather than withdrawing, men are called to be involved in the battles of the day. As we identify with Christ and take on the “new man,”...
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Noble Moments

15 videos, 3 hours
In this series for Fathers, Chris Hogan invites you to take a moment─setting aside the busyness and worries of the day─and learn about your noble call. Each session is designed as a “chairside chat” to hear about how to make...
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The Pineapple Story Series

15 videos, 13 hours
In his entertaining style, veteran missionary Otto Koning shares 15 humorous and inspirational messages, beginning with the story of how a pineapple garden taught him the important lesson of yielding rights. These lively true stories from his missionary experiences in...
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The Power of Storytelling

3 videos, 3 hours
Who is a storyteller? According to Ken Pierpont, everyone is! Jesus masterfully told stories to make His point, and you, too, have the potential to tell great stories! Pastor Pierpont shares important points that can transform your stories from mediocre to riveting,...
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Rise Up

5 videos, 0 hours
Rise Up is an intensive 12-week online discipleship course for young people who have a desire to go deeper with God and grow in the disciplines that a relationship with Him requires (such as spending time in the Word of...
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Secrets to the Ultimate Marriage

10 videos, 11 hours
Do you and your spouse have monologues, dialogues, or “duel-logues”? Have you simply forgiven each other or fully forgiven? How can thanking God for a stuck-in-the-mud semi bring joy into your home? Can the enemy of intimacy be conquered? Mike...
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World Changers

100 videos, 37 hours
It is a time of transition: from youth to adult, from financially dependent to wage-earner, from book-learning to apprenticing—so many changes! With changes come decisions; it has been stated that life’s three biggest decisions are the 3 M’s: Master, Mate,...
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