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Lesson 68 – “Learning From Life”


“My parents’ goal was that we [children] learn in the process of living instead of live in the process of learning.” With this direction and oversight in his early education, David Waller shares about the many learning experiences he enjoyed. His learning opportunities continued when his entire family traveled to minister overseas in Mongolia. David enthusiastically shares the joy of his home education experience and how God directed his life to what he is doing now. This is a testimony to his parents’ desire that their children would learn, first and foremost, to seek God first in all areas of life.


Length: 16 min.
Date: 2016

Speaker: David Waller

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2 thoughts on “Lesson 68 – “Learning From Life””

  1. What a powerful message David! God gave you the words to articulate a multifaceted message that could impact a wide group of people. I hope we can make some movement in opening up these videos beyond just the ATI families.

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