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Lesson 50 – “Grace in the Pace”


Welcome to the 50th Episode in the ATI Family Weekly!

Are you trying to “do it all”? Is your family feeling “ministry-ed” to the point of exhaustion? Bob Newhouse interviews ATI parents, Gregg and Cindy Woodcock and their oldest daughter, Lauren—all of whom are self-proclaimed “doers.” The Woodcocks have a deep desire to encourage other homeschoolers to find “grace in the pace” of daily life and activities. They tell Bob their story and how they found God’s pace for them in their Wisdom Booklet studies and how that pace extended into all areas of their lives. Gregg also shares how God led him to keep his young children’s hearts so they would trust him when they reached their teen years. Be refreshed and catch a vision from the Woodcocks’ story for finding your own pace of grace.


Length: 26 min.

Speaker: Bob Newhouse

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