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Lesson 19 – “The Genesis 15 Principle of 100%”


The children are raised and gone. Left behind is an “empty nest” and two strangers. Society says this is normal, but in Christian homes should it be? Robert Newhouse gives his testimony of realizing how focused training of the children for God but not loving his wife as Christ loves His Bride led to his having to rebuild their relationship. How can this be done? Bob teaches about the 100% principle demonstrated in Genesis 15. From Abraham to the cross, hear about the significance of a blood covenant and how God gave 100% for us.


Length: 21 min.

Primary Topic: Marriage Communication

Speaker: Bob Newhouse

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1 thought on “Lesson 19 – “The Genesis 15 Principle of 100%””

  1. Dear Robert,

    We are so encouraged by your weekly family messages! Tonight, New Year’s Eve, we were especially blessed when you encouraged both husband and wife to take 100% of the responsibility for communication breakdown. Thank you for your ministry, and happy New Year!

    Tom, Jayma, and Jayla Gillaspie

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