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Lesson 90 – “Seeking the Ancient Paths”


When your spiritual life seems to be going well, have you ever had a small, nagging doubt that something isn’t quite right? Several years ago Kory Nakatsu felt that way, and he began studying and searching God’s Word for the answer. God led him to Malachi 4 and Jeremiah 6:16, where Kory was challenged to turn his heart toward his wife and children and to “seek the ancient paths and walk in them.” He explains how this led to a “transformational process” for him and his family, and along the way how they discovered and acquired “Abiding Radio.”


Length: 15 min.

Primary Topic: Music

Date: 2017

Speaker: Bob Newhouse


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2 thoughts on “Lesson 90 – “Seeking the Ancient Paths””

  1. Thank you so much for Blessing our family Mr. Nakatsu with Abiding radio. We have been listening for years!!! And share with everybody about it! Thank you, Mr Newhouse for this weekly!

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