Our Speakers

Ruth Adams

Author of “Legacy: Reflections of a Homeschooled, Homeschooling Mama”

Jon Ainbinder

President, Life Change Coaching and Counseling

Bob Allison

Retail Manager, International ALERT Academy

Richard Altman

President and Regional Director, Architectural Glass North America

Scott Aniol

Religious Affections Ministries

Kylie Anne

Founder, Renew Retreats

Rudy Atwood

Gospel Pianist

Aaron Baker

Assistant Pastor

David Barton

Founder, WallBuilders

Tim Barton

President, Wallbuilders

Gil & Kelly Bates

UP TV’s Bringing Up Bates

Dr. John Bechtle

Founder, The Telos Institute International

John Beckett

Chairman, R.W. Beckett Corporation

Jeff Bedford

Publications Director, IBLP

Marv Behr

Director, ALERT Academy

Mike Bell

Former Director, Dallas Ministry Center

Benham Brothers

Founders, Benham Companies

Jerry Benjamin

Itinerant Bible Teacher

Ken Bevel


Mickey Bonner


Jesse Boulden

Director, ALERT Academy

Matt Bowman

Gospel Chalk Artist, Eternity Arts

Dan Brown

Forensic Bible Institute

Tom Burch

Chaplain, ALERT Academy

Anthony Burrus

Author, Speaker

Inge Cannon

Executive Director, Education Plus

Robert Caprera


Chad Christiansen

Executive Director, In the Gap

Gabriel Cleator

Director, Home Discipleship Network

Karl Coke

President, Karl Coke Evangelistic Association (KCEA)

Ray Comfort

Founder and CEO, Living Waters

Don Courville

Pastor, Maranatha Baptist Church

Jarrod Cox


Jenny Daniel

Wife of Evangelist Keith Daniel

Keith Daniel

Evangelist, African Evangelistic Band

Cooper Dauer

Technical Marketing Intern, FireEye, Inc.

Mike Davis

Director, International Ministerial Institute (IMI)

S. M. Davis

Pastor and Speaker

Dee F. Duke


Steve Dulin

President, MasterPlan Ministries

Ron Dunn


Dustin Ellermann

Director, Camp His Way

Elisabeth Elliot Gren

Missionary, Author

Bill Fay


William J. Federer

President, Amerisearch, Inc.

Del Fehsenfeld Jr.

Founder, Life Action Ministries

David Ford

Founder, Globe for Christ

Gary Fraley


Bob Fu

Founder, ChinaAid

Phil Garvin

Fisher of men

David Gibbs, Jr.

Founder and President, Christian Law Association

Bob Gray II

Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church

Rick Green

Former Texas State Representative; Founder, Patriot Academy

Steve Green

President, Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

Rick Grubbs

President, LifeChanging Seminars

Larry Guthrie

Curriculum Writer; Teacher at Harvest Home Farm

Ron & Shelly Hamilton

Founder, Patch the Pirate – Majesty Music

Tom Harmon


Roger Helle


Shelley Hendry

Character Dramatizations

Chris & Anne Hogan

Team Member, Relationship Matters

John Huffman


Tom Hunsberger

Special Education Teacher; Founder, Little Sparrow Ministries

Nathan Johnson

Instructor, Ellerslie Discipleship Training

Charles "Tremendous" Jones

Motivational Speaker

Brandon Keilen

Lead Instructor, Affirming Biblical Foundations

Dean Kershner

Field Director, Gospelink

Casper Koning

Founder, Gospel Text Mission

Otto Koning

Missionary to Indonesia

Matt Krause

State Representative, Texas

Jamie Lash

Author and Teacher

Tim Lee

Speaker, Tim Lee Ministries

Roy LeTourneau

Business Man, Missionary

Tim Levendusky

President, Institute in Basic Life Principles

Jack Lezza

Assistant Pastor

Bill Ligon

Founding Pastor, Christian Renewal Church

S.M. Lockridge

Pastor and Preacher

Jim Logan

Counselor, Biblical Restoration Ministries, Inc.

Eric Ludy

President, Ellerslie Mission Society

Peter Magnuson

Lawyer and Pastor

Roger Magnuson

Lawyer and Pastor

Dr. Jobe Martin

President, Biblical Discipleship Ministries

George Mattix

Consultant and Speaker

Steve & Teri Maxwell

Founder, Titus2

Ralph Meloon

Former President of Correct Craft

Dean Miller


Janny Moore


John Morgan

Founding Pastor, Sagemont Church

Joe Mueller

Pastor, Church Planter, Evangelist

Darren Myers

Founder, Freedom Focus

Ray Nash


Keith Neds

Assistant Pastor

Bob Newhouse

‎Executive Director, TEACH Institute

Dr. Joseph Norvell

Assistant Pastor, North Belt Baptist Church

Dewey Novotny

Founder, Life Purpose Planning

Laura Oliverio

Development Team, Rise Up Discipleship

Stephen Ong

Pastor, Reformation Baptist Church

Larry & Hannah Overton

Founders, Syndeo Ministries

Scott Pauley


William Pearson

Pastor, State Prison Chaplain

Keon Pendergast

Minister of Music and Youth

Ken Pierpont

Preacher, Storyteller, Writer

Dan Pinkerton

Founder, Idaho Character Foundation

Johnny Pope

Pastor, Christchurch Baptist Fellowship

Spike Psarris

Author, Creation Astronomy

Caleb Reed


Ed Reese


Donna Reish

ATI Mother

Don Richardson

Missionary, Author

Joel Robbins

Operates the Natural Health Specialists Clinic

Dr. J. David Rogers

Professor of Geology and Geophysics, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Jim Ryun

Former U.S. Representative

Jim Sammons

Business Owner

Don Savell


Mike Schadt

President of S.O.S. Ministries

Steve & Megan Scheibner

Founder, Characterhealth Corporation

Jim Schettler

Vice President of Student Affairs, West Coast Baptist College

Jeff Schlender

Owner, Schlender Remodeling

Doug Small

President and Founder, Alive Ministries

Gary Smalley

Founder, Smalley Institute

Paul & Jenny Speed

Whatever It Takes Ministries

Don Staddon Jr.

Author, Speaker

Dr. Lew Sterrett

Founder and President, Sermon on the Mount, Inc.

Dwain Swanson

Owner, Central GA Lawn & Design

Dr. R. Stanley Tam

Founder, United States Plastic Corp.

Tim Tomlinson

Vice President of Administration, Crown College

Joel Troyer

General Manager, Wooden Leaf Furnishings

Dr. Josef Tson

Evangelist; former President, Romanian Missionary Society

Gerrit & Cathy Van Essen

Projects Coordinator, MSC Canada

John Van Gelderen

Evangelist, Revival Ministries

David Waller

Pastor, Fairpark Baptist Church

David & Priscilla Waller

Pastor, Fairpark Baptist Church

Mike & Connie Walsh

President, Walsh Family Construction

Rick Warner

ALERT Academy

Paul Washer

Founder & Missions Director of HeartCry Missionary Society

Ruthie Westfahl

JOY Program Director

Walt Wiley

Founder, President of Winning With Encouragement Ministries

Mark Wilkes

Realtor, RE/MAX

Bruce Wilkinson

Founder and Former President of Walk Through the Bible

Greg Witzenburg


Dr. Bob Wood

Executive Vice President, Bob Jones University

David York

Pastor, Crossroads Community Church

Ben Ziesemer

Finance Director, Institute in Basic Life Principles