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Lesson 152 – “Teaching English, Learning Chinese”


Dr. Stephen Chen and his wife, Anna, live in Taiwan. Their adult son and youngest child, Timothy, also lives with them and ministers with his parents. Dr. Chen directs the work of IBLP Taiwan; Mrs. Chen translates materials into Chinese; and Timothy serves in a variety of ways, especially with VOICE Missions. Dr. Chen also works with the VOICE Missions group, which provides English teachers for public elementary schools in Taiwan. Through VOICE Missions, the Lord has opened the doors for young people to travel to Taiwan free of charge and teach in the local schools. Recently, God has given the Chens an exciting new idea for combining teaching English and learning Chinese.


Length: 14 min.

Primary Topic: World Missions

Date: 2018

Speaker: Bob Newhouse


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1 thought on “Lesson 152 – “Teaching English, Learning Chinese””

  1. Thank you Dr. Chen,

    The English-speaking world and the Chinese-speaking world differ not only in the way they speak, but in the way they think, so it requires character to bridge that gap and your family is doing a tremendous job.

    I’ll continue praying and may God continue His provision and direction.


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