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Lesson 72 – “From Powerless Faith to Powerful Faith,” Part 2


In Part One, Dr. Jobe Martin’s spiritual journey took him from being raised in a Christian home that lacked the power of God to becoming a “convinced evolutionist” in college to calling himself an “agnostic evolutionist Zen Buddhist” by the end of dental school. In the second part of his testimony, Professor Martin is teaching evolution in Dental School when he is challenged by some of his students to study Creation Science. His discoveries began to raise doubts in his mind about his dogmatic belief in evolution. Then, while serving in the military, he prayed a simple prayer to a God he wasn’t sure existed. His prayer was dramatically answered, and eventually this man became a firm believer in Jesus Christ. This second part of Dr. Martin’s testimony reveals how he moved from “theistic evolutionist to Biblical creationist.”


Length: 10 min.

Primary Topic: Loving Jesus Christ

Date: 2016

Speaker: Dr. Jobe Martin

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