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Lesson 79 – “With Faces Set Like Flint,” Part 2


Rick and Donna Warner lived in Mongolia for 20 years. They raised their two daughters in this harsh environment of cold climate and unbelieving people. With their faces set like flint, the Warners faithfully continued their ministry there until God prompted Rick of the need to return home to the States. With no idea of what their future would be, the couple tells Bob about their return home and how God led them to where they are today.


Length: 11 min.

Primary Topic: World Missions

Date: 2016

Speaker: Rick Warner

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1 thought on “Lesson 79 – “With Faces Set Like Flint,” Part 2”

  1. God called us out of a town in central Mexico, very abruptly. It was very hard but He has allowed us to return and we have been here now 12 years since returning. I believe in our case it was to protect us. The spiritual climate changed drastically in our absence for the better (some witch doctors died which might have had something to do with it…) Thank you for sharing your story. I would like to hear more Rick and Donna Warren…

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