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Lesson 27 – “Lord, Teach Us to Pray”


A husband asks his wife, “Why don’t you trust me?” She replies, “I never see you praying. How can I trust your decisions if I don’t know if you are praying?” That response became the springboard for Bob Newhouse to learn the importance of praying and leading his family in prayer. With clarity and passion he explains the simplicity and impact of communing with our omnipotent God and gives a template for how to gently guide the entire family into this sweet “hour of prayer.”


Length: 15 min.

Primary Topic: Prayer

Speaker: Bob Newhouse


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4 thoughts on “Lesson 27 – “Lord, Teach Us to Pray””

  1. Thanks ATI & Bob for making this video series – it’s great to have weekly encouragement and practical help. This exhortation on prayer was very helpful.

  2. This was excellent. With all age ranges, I wonder how the younger ones do during this?
    Also, you were going to share a link to learn more?
    Thank you.

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