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Lesson 57 – “From the Ashes of the Refiner’s Fire”


The ministry Dr. S. M. Davis has today resulted from the time he went through the “Refiner’s fire.” While pastoring a church, he struggled with feelings of failure and anger as his family fell apart─and the church watched. Dr. Davis shares with Bob Newhouse how coming through that fire resulted in his two messages, “How to Win the Heart of a Rebel” and “Seeds of Disintegration Planted by the Boyfriend/Girlfriend Philosophy.” Now with their many insightful messages available through their ministry, Solve Family Problems (, Dr. Davis and his family help others.


Length: 9 min.

Primary Topic: For Dads

Speaker: Bob Newhouse


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1 thought on “Lesson 57 – “From the Ashes of the Refiner’s Fire””

  1. We as a family are so very, very thankful for ATI. We are so very, very thankful for EXCEL at the old Dallas Training Center and its powerful impact on all 3 of our girls. We are so very, very thankful for ALERT and its impact on our son. And we are so extremely thankful for Verity Institute and the wonderful opportunity our 3 girls had to get their college degrees in the Verity environment, without the demonic worldly godless influence they would have been exposed to at any other educational institution (even most Christian colleges) — and I say that as one who graduated with a double major from a supposedly “conservative” Christian college (but where the faculty were all trained at secular universities and imbued with the godless secular influence in their teaching — “Christian” was just the external veneer under which secular indoctrination was occurring) and a masters degree and Ph.D. from a major university. Fortunately, the Basic Seminar rescued me from many of the subtle ways I had been secularized by the “Christian” and university “education.” Praise God! for Verity!
    And praise God for these wonderful weekly video tidbits — and particularly this one with Pastor Davis!

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