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Lesson 141 – “When the Kids ask ‘Why?’”


How do you respond when your children ask, “Why?” Parents sometimes avoid their children’s questions from fear of not knowing how to answer. However, helping children understand why you do what you do is one of the most important aspects of passing your faith to the next generation. Daniel and Kathryn Staddon, both from large, conservative families, explain why they felt free to ask their parents “tough” questions. They also share how their parents helped them build their lives on a firm foundation.


Length: 14 min.

Primary Topic: Discipleship

Date: 2018

Speaker: David Waller


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1 thought on “Lesson 141 – “When the Kids ask ‘Why?'””

  1. After watching this as a family, Dad added, “It is vey encouraging to hear our children ask why because it often means that the Lord is speaking directly to them. Their question is my opportunity to help my children learn to hear from God.”

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