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Day 341 – Make Disciples


Be Enthusiastic!

In 1994, a host of diseases threatened his life. Seventy doctors in seven nations tried to help, and hundreds of treatments were followed, but his condition grew worse. His weight dropped from 180 to 104 pounds. Then he decided that God must have some significant things to say about health, since He is the One Who made us. He discovered Biblical answers, which he followed, and within four months his health had been restored! As he enthusiastically told friends and others about what God had done in His life, the news spread like wildfire. He even wrote his story in a book, and millions of copies of it have been sold.

“When we find answers and enthusiastically share them with others, they will want to experience the same results.”


Length: 4 min.
Date: 2015

Speaker: IBLP


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