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Day 94 – Seek God’s Kingdom


Bring Your Mind Under Authority!

King Saul stood head and shoulders above every other man in Israel. From all outward appearances he looked like a great king, but inwardly he was controlled by fears. When the Philistines came against him and the people began to scatter, he responded in fear by invading the priests’ jurisdiction and personally presenting a sacrifice to God, rather than waiting for Samuel. This action disqualified Saul’s descendants from ever ruling the nation. (See I Samuel 13:8–14.) Later, when Saul failed to carry out the command of God to utterly destroy the wicked nation of Amalek, his excuse was “I feared the people.” (See I Samuel 15:24–26.) Because of this disobedience, God rejected Saul from being king.


Length: 4 min.
Date: 2015

Speaker: IBLP


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