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Day 193 – Deny Yourself


Follow With Your Cross of Glory!

The little band of students from Oxford University returned to their campus after distributing food to hungry prisoners and teaching destitute children. They were met with the jeers and ridicule of fellow students who mocked their disciplined lives. Some cried out in derision, “Methodists! Methodists!” because of the precise rules and methods that they followed.

As these “Methodists” were being publicly reviled, another student noticed them and saw in their lives a depth of commitment to God that he wanted in his own life. As he spent time with them, the group’s leader, Charles Wesley, encouraged him to put his faith and trust in Christ for salvation. Later, this student became a world-renowned preacher, drawing tens of thousands of people in colonial America to his open-air meetings. As a result of the ridicule suffered by believers in England, God was glorified in the United States as the preaching of George Whitefield influenced many of that nation’s Founding Fathers.


Length: 4 min.
Date: 2015

Speaker: IBLP


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