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Day 312 – Watch and Pray


Watch for Dangers!

It was his greatest dream. The little boy would sit on the shore of the Mississippi River and watch the steamboats go by, wishing he could take a ride on one of them. He imagined how wonderful it would be to be a captain and to go exploring up and down the river, enjoying the interesting sights. One day his dream came true! A captain invited the little boy to join him on his boat for the day to observe the skills of being a captain.

As they pushed off from shore, the boy began to gaze in wonder at all that was taking place around him. However, the captain called him over and told him that a good captain always keeps his attention focused on the water. He explained that even though the river was wide, the channel was narrow. If a captain did not discern the path of the channel and guide the boat carefully through it, he would ground the boat. He also explained that the differing shades of water must be carefully observed, because the channel’s location could have changed during a storm.

At the end of the trip the boy disappointedly exclaimed, “I did not get to see the scenery along the shores!”


Length: 4 min.
Date: 2015

Speaker: IBLP


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