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Day 168 – Hear God’s Voice!


Confirm God’s Voice

A young man met an attractive girl and desired to marry her. He began attending her church and getting acquainted with her family. He was aware of her deep commitment to God, so one day he said to her, “I have been praying about you, and God has given me assurance from Scripture that you are to be my wife.” The girl was impressed by his apparent spirituality and flattered by his attention, but she wondered, “Was his assurance truly from God, or did he simply find a verse to support his own desires?”

Fortunately, she sought confirmation from her father, who diligently “interviewed” the young man and discovered that he had major character flaws and moral struggles. He realized that this man was not at all ready for marriage, especially to his daughter. Her mother confirmed his wise counsel, and the daughter was spared much heartache.

God’s voice will never contradict His written Word.


Length: 3 min.
Date: 2015

Speaker: IBLP


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