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Day 167 – Hear God’s Voice!


Know How God Speaks

A dentist in Philadelphia practiced out of a small building that had only a few parking spaces in front of it. This was an inconvenience to many of his patients, who were forced to find parking wherever they could along a busy street. One day he learned that the vacant lot next to him was for sale. This lot could easily provide the much-needed parking for his patients.

However, there was one problem. The dentist did not have enough money to purchase the property and would have to take out a loan in order to buy the lot. He discussed the matter, including all of the financial benefits of such an investment, with his father, but his father was firm in his counsel:“Do not borrow for it.” Was this the “voice of God” or the outdated thinking of a cautious, elderly man?


Length: 3 min.
Date: 2015

Speaker: IBLP


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