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Day 203 – Despise Not Little Ones


Honor Little Ones

One day a family asked a special guest to join them for dinner. As they sat around the table visiting, the topic of conversation shifted to art. The guest had a keen interest in art and was an expert evaluator of paintings. When the family told him that they had an old picture that they didn’t know what to do with, the guest immediately asked if he could see it.

For several minutes, he carefully studied the details of the painting. Suddenly, he saw something that caused his eyes to grow wide with excitement. “Do you realize what this is?” he exclaimed to the family. “Just a picture,” they replied. “No,” said the guest, “it is not just a picture. It bears the name of one of the most famous painters in history! It is a priceless treasure!”


Length: 3 min.

Speaker: IBLP


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