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Day 42 – Be Reconciled


Expect God to Work!

When a flight attendant remembered how she had offended an acquaintance months earlier, she purposed to seek reconciliation. However, she had no idea how to make contact because that acquaintance lived in another country. The very next afternoon she received a phone call from that person!

The same thing happened to a young man who remembered how he had wronged a former teacher. He decided to contact the teacher but did not know where to start. Five minutes later he stooped over to take a drink from a water fountain. When he straightened up and turned around, whom should he see but that former teacher!

Not all reconciliation encounters are this dramatic. However, when we are prepared to make reconciliation, God will do whatever is necessary to make it happen.


Length: 3 min.
Date: 2015

Speaker: IBLP


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