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Day 326 – Baptize My Disciples


Live Day to Day After Baptism

Crowds cheered as the majestic sailing ship was christened and faced the ocean waves for its maiden voyage. The ship sailed to its destination and was loaded with the precious treasures of the New World. Once it was filled with as many goods as it could carry, the ship began its return voyage. However, a tragedy was about to take place. As the ship sailed along the coast, it encountered a stretch of sharp coral reef that tore a gaping hole in its side. The hull rapidly filled with water and the ship sank.

This mighty sailing ship was built to withstand the powerful winds and waves but not to sustain major damage to its hull. Future shipbuilders lessened this risk by adding multiple watertight compartments to the design of the ship’s hull. This meant that if one compartment filled with water because of a hole, the ship could remain afloat because the rest of the compartments were sealed off.

The same principle can help us live in victory. We shouldn’t let the things that happened yesterday “sink” our ship.


Length: 4 min.
Date: 2015

Speaker: IBLP


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