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Day 269 – Love the Lord


Love God With All Your Soul

The Promised Land lay before the children of Israel, and they were armed with the presence and power of God. They received clear instructions from the Lord to not make any covenants or inter-marry with the inhabitants but rather to completely destroy them and all the altars of their pagan gods. (See Deuteronomy 7.) God also warned that if the children of Israel failed to conquer these mighty nations, in the future the people and their false gods would be a snare to them. (See Deuteronomy 7:16.)

There are striking parallels between the Promised Land and the souls of people. Each has inhabitants with false ideas that must be conquered so that sin does not reign. If we fail to conquer them, they will be a snare in our lives, pulling us away from the Lord.

The battleground between God and Satan is our souls, and each wants to be in control.


Length: 4 min.
Date: 2015

Speaker: IBLP


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