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Session 13: How to Conquer Doubts About Salvation


How to Grow in Your Spiritual Walk (Part 3)

  • Learning to anticipate and respond to cycles of life
  • Replacing old habits with victory in the new man
  • Resolving doubts about salvation
  • Relating salvation to birth and marriage


Length: 55 min.

Primary Topic: Victory Over Sin

Speaker: Bill Gothard



2 thoughts on “Session 13: How to Conquer Doubts About Salvation”

  1. I have had major struggles with believing that I was truly a child of God. I was trying to know I was a Christian and seek his voice in a very unhealthy way ( it is possible). I was so sure that I had committed the unpardonable sin, and I was depressed because of the areas of defeat (past and present) I had in my life. I ended up being committed to the hospital and I am currently on several psychotropic drugs. I don’t know if I should get off of them or not, but I am feeling a peace from the Lord after hearing this talk. I have called on Jesus and publicly confessed him. I still have areas of sin, but I need to remember that I am a work in progress and Jesus is working in me to will and to do according to his good pleasure.

  2. Yes we are a work in progress, when we receive YaHaWaSHaI (Jesus – pseudonym) as our LORD and SAVIOR, we are pardoned of all of our sins.
    Then, we are given HIS MERCY and GRACE to be able to believe, accept and obey ALL of HIS COMMANDMENTS. HE is THE ONE WHO gives us the
    burning desire to only do HIS WILL. WE ARE TO CRUCIFY OUR FLESHLY DESIRES.
    The 4th Commandment – REMEMBER TO KEEP THE SABBATH DAY HOLY (sunset Friday -6th day of the week to sundown Saturday – 7th day of the week.
    HE will also teach us on all of HIS HOLY FEAST DAYS THAT WE ARE TO KEEP, along with a list of other commands.
    That is why HE gives us THIS TIME OF MERCY & GRACE.

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