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Session 6: Steps to Gain a Clear Conscience


The Principle of Responsibility

  • Gaining a clear conscience rather than balancing guilt and blame
  • Listing offenses
  • Purposing to ask for forgiveness
  • Harmonizing birth order tendencies
  • Confessing the basic offense
  • Preparing the right wording
  • Choosing the appropriate method
  • Understanding refusal to forgive, if it comes
  • Identifying misplaced conviction


Length: 80 min.

Primary Topic: Total Surrender

Speaker: Bill Gothard



2 thoughts on “Session 6: Steps to Gain a Clear Conscience”

  1. I remember watching most of this with some friends of ours when I was 11 years old. That was a big year of transition for me. I was going through a lot. Now that I am re-watching these videos as a young teenager, I am so grateful for Mr. Gothard’s insights. I sense a turning point in my life just around the bend, as God is convicting and changing me in a lot of areas. I hope to apply these principles in my life.
    Thank you so much IBLP, Mr. Gothard, and all the rest for making these videos viewable so that I can prepare for my journey through change. I know I will treasure these teachings for a lifetime!

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