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Session 11: Practical Steps to Moral Freedom


How to Grow in Your Spiritual Walk (Part 1)

  • Submitting to and praying for those in authority
  • Learning how to delight in God’s Word
  • Fasting for greater sensitivity to God’s Spirit
  • Following Scriptural promptings
  • Distinguishing functions of body, soul and spirit
  • Growing to fear God and hate evil


Length: 76 min.

Primary Topic: Victory Over Sin

Speaker: Bill Gothard



2 thoughts on “Session 11: Practical Steps to Moral Freedom”

  1. This video has brought me back to the basics of my Christian walk. The world today is not like it should be. The illustrations are so convicting to me. It is helping me, healing me, and conforming me to the image of His Son. Thank you.

  2. It was 34 years ago I attended my first Basic Seminar. Thank you for making it available in your site. Nowadays I attend it many times every year. Mr. Gothard has made Bible alive to me. The Principles and guidelines are my daily teachers of reproof, correction, instruction, and joy. I thank God for Mr. Gothard’s ministries. May God lift Mr. Gothard’s horn in great honor, might, open doors, and good success. I am praying for you every day.

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