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Session 15: How to Discover Purpose in Life


Steps to Maturity Through the Birth, Death and Supernatural Fulfillment of a Vision

  • Learning the ways of God
  • Developing a testimony of resurrection
  • Avoiding boredom through priorities
  • Finding God’s will
  • Overcoming the fear of man
  • Building ministry around a life message


Length: 91 min.

Primary Topic: Vision for Living

Speaker: Bill Gothard



5 thoughts on “Session 15: How to Discover Purpose in Life”

  1. We have had two people call on two different days for land that we own up in TN. Both seem very interested and excited to own it yet only one may become the owner. Tomorrow I will be contacting our friend at the bank in Sommerville, TN and tell her about these two parties wanting to purchase our land. We have been paying for this land for 10 + years with no end in site. Earlier this week I said a prayer for God to take care of this property and do whatever His will is and boy howdy Has HE ever come through! Robert and I are excited and a bit nervous. We had someone interested in it before but they seem to change their mind as the days and weeks flew by last year. That is why I am so grateful to God for listening to my prayer. My prayer now is that HE will see this through and as this is His will and His glory will be seen. Please pray with me that this will be quick, painless and both parties will be satisfied at what has been done and the best and fair offer won the day.

    Yesterday was wonderful as well as my 12 year old shared the gospel with a college age volunteer at a wildflower center. I thank God for my children.

  2. I so appreciate this talk. It seems like pretty much every one around me uses birth control. They do not want to trust the Lord with their family size. I am so encouraged by the love that is displayed by the people who trust the Lord in ths area. They really seem to love people. I could use prayers for myself. I believe in letting the Lord open and close my womb. I decided when I first was married that I would not use birth control. My only son is such a joy and a ray of light in my family. I have a problem with overeating and am quite big. I have had problems with determining if this sin issue is the Lord closing my womb or if he will open it once he enables me to lose the weight. I wonder if I am responsible for not having any more children, most likely because of my weight problem. I could use prayers that I will lose weight and be able to conceive again. Whatever the Lord’s will is and that I will be a great mother to the son I have, because it is difficult to raise him the way the Lord would have me to with all of this extra weight. I am determined to put into practice the things I am learning through this seminar and to search it out myself. A lot of it confirms convictions I have had for a long time. The Lord has been working on me to make it easier to make these changes at this time. I am so thankful for the basic seminar.

  3. Was involved in th seminar for 35 yrs. On the committee with Vancouver seminar.
    Am 92 yrs old and am paraplegic, and thank God that
    I can testify that the basic principals are totally
    Biblical, and applicable to our daily lives.
    I watch the seminar on the internet every month or so.
    Am grateful that the seminar is available on embassy media. Thankyou embassy for your ministry!

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