Session 1: How to Trace Problems to Root Causes


A “New” Approach to Life!
  • Distinguishing the wisdom of Scripture from intellectual knowledge, natural inclinations or humanism
  • Understanding grace and faith from God’s perspective
  • Tracing surface conflicts to root causes (cause and effect relationships)
  • Responding to enemies
  • Maturing as a Christian
  • Discovering how to study and apply the principles of God’s Word


Length: 70 min.

Primary Topic: Debt, Music, Prayer, The Word of God

Speaker: Bill Gothard



30 thoughts on “Session 1: How to Trace Problems to Root Causes”

  1. Thank-you we need this so much, the messages have brought conviction to our whole family. Pray we will get to the depths of our sin, apply, grow and be open to the Holy Spirits leading. The best money ever spent for us has been to apply for this. Why? We can say one of our young people came home to make things right after listening to 2 messages from the Speeds. Please pray.

  2. Sarah Hughes Cannon

    This is a blessing. My first seminar was in 1975 at the Capital Center near D.C.. It blessed my whole life! I went many times after that. Now I can hear it over and over again!!! I have never been to the Advanced Seminar so now I can listen and be blessed!! Thank you for being obedient to the Lord!!!

  3. I have been to the seminar over 25 years ago, and then, many times. I was then so excited to hear practical applications of God’s word. After many years of working in various churches, with different people groups, it is amazing how accurate is every principle and application explained here. Thank you for making this available.

  4. Having the seminars online is something I had hoped would be. Thanks for following through and putting these principles on the WEB and making them available to so many. In my particular situation, finding this online is perfect timing. I have had relatives and friends recommend these teachings for years. My doctor has encouraged me for a few years to attend your seminars.
    The one thing that cracked my hardheadedness was the book about crying out which my sister-in-law loaned me for a few hours only a few months ago.
    Because of reading your book and subscribing to your daily email (also at my doctor’s bidding) I have begun to see how the things you are teaching relate to my personal Bible study and research of Scripture. Today the LORD used my physician again to “hit the nail on the head” and minister to me. He again recommended your “basic” seminar and pointed me to this WEB site.
    I’m grateful for the opportunity to begin the “basic” seminar from my easy chair and laptop. I’m so glad my doctor never gave up pointing me toward your work. I am also very happy to learn that I can share this new found resource with my family.

  5. I too would like to thank you for making this available on-line. I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the seminar for 10 years and wanted my children to be exposed to it as well and have been unable to make it happen. Now we can watch, learn and enjoy together, and do so at our pace. Thank you.

  6. This has been wonderful! Really looking forward to the rest of the seminar! So excited to see what the Lord will do in our lives because of this. Many blessings on those that have introduced us to this teaching!

  7. Dan.Cindy.Smith7

    Thank you! The principles are timeless. The applications are many, making more “sense” as we grow older. We took the seminar in the late 60’s, and are thankful for the seminar’s availability via the internet. Blessings!

  8. it is amazing how the truths of GOD always is pleasing to the soul, and no matter how far you have gone astray when you return and listen to these truths your soul begins to begin to be staisfied again and again. thank you Mr. Gathard and the staff.
    My 1st basic seminar was in 2000 in San Jose, and like everybody else my family’s and my life changed for ever.

  9. The Basic, Advanced, Anger and Financial seminars have made such an impact to my life. I started watching and listening approx 18 months ago and I am truly thankful and grateful for these talks. They have changed me. Most sincerely.

  10. We are so grateful we have to opportunity to watch this seminar as needed for our family. Our first Basic Seminar was in Atascadero, Calif. in 1996!
    This seminar and all the other seminars we are able to watch and glean so much from have been such a blessing to our whole family and we thank you, Mr. Gothard, for your wisdom and service for our Lord Jesus Christ. May God continue to bless you!

  11. I have desired to view the Basic and Advanced Seminars again after sooo many years. It will be a renewed blessing to me and my family.. Thank You, Thank You! I pray that God would bless your ministry here at EmbassyMedia.

  12. Jeffrey Gaffney

    Watching this with my wife. I attended at a younger age several times and was blessed by Bill and the seminar. Now my wife and are raising kids and we needed to hear this together. Thank you for bringing this to online to hear God’s truth.

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