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Session 14: How to Experience God’s Guarantee for Success


The Principle of Success

  • Discovering the basis of success
  • Identifying basic areas of need
  • Memorizing specific passages of the Bible
  • Visualizing the pictures and analogies of Scripture
  • Personalizing each verse
  • Acknowledging the need for cleansing from sin
  • Turning a circle of regret into a reminder of the cross
  • Applying the blood of Christ for salvation
  • Being transformed through meditation on God’s Word
  • Considering a vow and accountability for daily Bible reading (Chalk talk)


Length: 91 min.

Primary Topic: Prayer, The Word of God

Speaker: Bill Gothard



4 thoughts on “Session 14: How to Experience God’s Guarantee for Success”

  1. What a true blessing, the affirmation I was getting through Bill Gothard of how God works within us was so comforting. Thank you for simplifying God’s messages in my life. Simplicity is someone’s hard work and effort in solving through the complexity of what’s there in front of our eyes.

  2. So thankful for God to let me continue to learn english so I could listen it again and again.
    And so thankful for god to let billgates develop computer so I could connect to this great teaching even here is about 11115km apart from America.
    So thankful for God to let Bill Gothard dedicate to reveal God by founding IBLP 🙂

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