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Session 17: Avoid Business Partnerships


God wants every man to have the freedom to follow Him. Whether you may be a lawyer, statesman, doctor, accountant or real estate agent, the direction of the Lord and the personal convictions through which He gives that direction must control the financial decisions you make for yourself.  Partnerships (as well as stock market investments and other types of alliances) interfere with this design and force other associates involved to share in the chastening of one. However well partners may think they know one another, Scripture warns of the danger associated with sharing the name, reputation and resources God has entrusted to us as stewards accountable to Him. The insights that Jim Sammons brings to bear on this subject will help you know what to do, whether you are already experiencing the entanglement of a partnership or are looking for the Biblical basis on which to stand alone in the modern day identity crisis of the business world.


Length: 57 min.

Primary Topic: Business Skills

Speaker: Jim Sammons


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