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Session 8: Learn to Live Within Your Income


This session actually complements and completes session seven: Purpose to Stay Out of Debt. After calculating just how many houses could be purchased with the interest normally paid on a single house, Jim Sammons helps break down the daunting task of reversing a lifestyle of borrowing. This includes secrets for first time home buyers (or builders!) and practical steps that families can take to live within their income. Contentment has to be learned and can oftentimes be difficult to live out, but for those who are willing to follow Him, God will show Himself strong (II Chronicles 16:9). By maintaining a standard of living that is based on satisfaction with basic needs, may succeeding generations find freedom from the current trends of credit card debt and witness the way our Heavenly Father actually uses much less to accomplish much more.


Length: 50 min.

Primary Topic: Debt

Speaker: Jim Sammons


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