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Session 19: Listen to the Cautions of Your Wife


As a helpmeet, a wife can be used of God in a profoundly effective and insightful way to guard her husband from making unwise decisions. Because God designed them to come together as one, He certainly does not intend for the wife to be left out of the financial and business aspects of the family, but rather His purpose is for her to provide valuable assistance and counsel and through her spoken and unspoken cautions a wise husband will be alerted to factors which would otherwise go unnoticed. In this session, Jim Sammons relates the unforgettable testimony of how God used such a warning to supernaturally intervene and save not merely a significant amount of money but the very life of a needy employee.


Length: 51 min.

Primary Topic: For Husbands

Speaker: Jim Sammons


2 thoughts on “Session 19: Listen to the Cautions of Your Wife”

  1. jim sammons is amazing! God is using him in astounding ways. I may be young but i find them so applical to my life. may God use more Jim. THANK YOU FOR BLESSING MY FAMILY, AND NOW WE ARE ALMOST DEBT FREE!

    Praising God always,

  2. Jim Sammons’ advice is the BEST! I took his advice when he counseled men (in his financial seminar) to begin reading
    the Psalms of the Day in their discipleship/devotional time each day. This is the BEST advice I have ever followed. I
    cannot begin to describe the impact this one practice has had on my life since the time I began 8 years ago. I will
    forever be in Mr. Sammons’ debt for this wise advice.

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