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Session 12: Become Accountable to a Wise Record System


It is not possible to have revival on a national level without men in that nation understanding the need for accountability on a personal level.  From asking coworkers to point out character blindspots to making the personal commitment to guard his eyes and heart from moral temptations, Jim Sammons outlines the standards of transparency and trustworthiness that are necessary for leadership in business, ministry and family. Focusing on the goal of reducing financial expenses, he explains why we should implement a responsible record system and not just a budget. He also exhorts us to count the cost ahead of time, evaluate assets and investments from God’s perspective, and keep accountable to the books! Truly, as stewards who will one day give an account to God, faithfulness is one of the most important qualities we can master.


Length: 46 min.

Primary Topic: Managing Money

Speaker: Jim Sammons


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