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Session 1: Learn What it Really Means to be Financially Free


If God’s Word is the final authority, how would His principles actually affect our management of money? In this first session of the Financial Freedom Seminar Jim Sammons explores the many practical avenues in which the ways of God may be proven true in the area of finances just as in any other area of life. The contest between biblical Christianity and secular humanism is as alive today as ever. Who among God’s people will trust Him and acknowledge Him as the source of healing and blessing for a truly free country?


Length: 55 min.

Speaker: Jim Sammons


4 thoughts on “Session 1: Learn What it Really Means to be Financially Free”

  1. I’m thankful today that I am committing to journey through this financial freedom course to honor God with my life and what He has provided me to steward for His glory.

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