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Session 6: Establish the Tithe as a Weekly Reminder


Should I tithe if I am in debt? On which amounts am I responsible to tithe? And where is the tithe to be given? Answers to these questions are succinctly presented in this session as well as several key insights into the intent of God’s heart for the tithe. After all, everyone eventually does pay a tithe—either to the Lord or to the devourer! Truly God reserves a significant blessing for those who return to Him the firstfruits and make the commitment to prove His ways trustworthy. (See Malachi 3:8-11.) Be encouraged as Jim Sammons adds story after story to this age old challenge and motivates believers to once again find God faithful in this area of tithing.


Length: 56 min.

Primary Topic: Giving

Speaker: Jim Sammons


2 thoughts on “Session 6: Establish the Tithe as a Weekly Reminder”

  1. I’m not able to attend church on Sundays because
    I have to work. I’m a manager of a hair salon and a
    single mother and bread winner for my family. My
    question is where do I tithe to?

    This website has given me a way to have a relationship
    with The Lord I never thought was possible without
    going to church. I’m so grateful The Lord let me find


    Stacey Seal

  2. Do folks who embrace these principles consider the Child Tax and Earned Income credits worthy gains? In a way it is a blessing on a working family man. But on the other hand it is part of the welfare system and the money itself is printed as debt owed. Or another way to look at it is that higher income tax payers have to pay high taxes while lower get big refunds.

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