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The Weapon of Rejoicing


Have you noticed that significant spiritual growth often comes in the wake of a situation that seemed completely devoid of any potential for good? In such tests of faith we see in new ways that the point of transformation is one and the same as the time we choose to rejoice and give thanks. In this series of three testimonies, Otto Koning describes the amazing ways God worked all things together for good when he learned to respond in such an unnatural way. It requires obeying first and understanding later, but it can produce spiritual growth in any problem – and even problems of our own making. So don’t waste another good problem. Learn and experience the difference between a “Vicious Cycle” of begging and pleading and the “Victor’s Cycle” of surrendering and rejoicing.


Length: 54 min.

Primary Topic: Facing Difficulties

Date: 1997

Speaker: Otto Koning


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