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Living in God’s Compound


Based on God’s dealing with Job we may receive either comfort or correction when we see our own possessions, family, or health being broken up. Truly, being under God’s authority is the only way to safeguard what He has entrusted to our authority. What do we do if our hedge of protection is broken down? How do we trace jurisdictional losses to our own areas of disobedience? In addition to a warning about the irresponsibilty of depending upon insurance and the dangers of developing an independent spirit, Otto Koning shares the value of understanding and cooperating with the protective power of God.


Length: 35 min.

Primary Topic: Facing Difficulties

Date: 1997

Speaker: Otto Koning


1 thought on “Living in God’s Compound”

  1. This message is awesome–it really explained some things that are going on in my life now. My spirit was really touched and I have a sense of awe at the revelation of this truth.

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