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The Weapons of Our Warfare


There could not be a more fitting capstone for the Pineapple Story series than The Weapons of Our Warfare. Found throughout Scripture, these five commanded responses make up a single, invincible tactical toolbox for the Christian soldier. Met with a variety of challenges on the homefront, in ministry, and on the mission field, believers must be quick on the draw with the right weapon at the right time. Separate from the defensive armor detailed in Ephesians 6, you will be amazed to see how perfectly accurate yet counter-intuitive each of these weapons are in their advancement of the kingdom of heaven. They cannot miss! If you want to play defense a little less often, if you believe God has a definitive plan of action for maturity and victory in the Christian life, and if it’s your sincere desire to see the Church of Christ move forward, here and now, this is the field guide you need. Onward Christian soldiers!


Length: 34 min.

Primary Topic: Spiritual Warfare

Date: 1997

Speaker: Otto Koning


3 thoughts on “The Weapons of Our Warfare”

  1. Brad Williams

    This was awesome. The world’s weapons will fail, but the weapons God has given us cannot fail. We truly are more than conquerors through Christ that loved us.

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