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The Surprising Ways of God


This is the story of the way God prepared a missionary for his people group and a people group for their missionary. On Otto Koning’s part, the Lord used his growing up years in Holland during World War II followed by a turbulent immigration into Canada to prepare him with a message of deliverance from the fear of death. Meanwhile, on the part of the Obhoi Tribe in New Guinea, the Lord had prepared an unidentified messenger to announce the coming of a white man who would answer their question about “how to die right.” Combined with the testimony of Doug Miller and the Muscona Tribe, this account sheds new light on God’s plan for the nations. The Surprising Ways of God will encourage you to heed the call of the Savior and bring the good news to the uttermost parts of the earth.

To view a condensed video version of this message, go to The Surprising Ways of God.


Length: 82 min.

Primary Topic: World Missions

Date: 1997

Speaker: Otto Koning


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