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A Widow Who Became a Channel of God’s Power


God still looks for stewards, on whose behalf He may show Himself strong, and use in miraculous ways to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Before sharing his heart for the unreached people groups of the world, Otto Koning shares several examples of how God rewards us when we make the choice to lose our lives for Him. From his church planting work in New Guinea, to the crippled missionary in Ethiopia, to the widow woman in Pennsylvania who gave everything beyond her basic needs to the missionary, we see living illustrations of the glory and joy of giving our lives and resources to God.


Length: 67 min.

Primary Topic: Giving

Date: 1997

Speaker: Otto Koning


4 thoughts on “A Widow Who Became a Channel of God’s Power”

  1. I have heard this many times and it is still so encouraging because of the simple truth that you can’t outgive God. He is just waiting for us to trust Him in giving like the widow woman.

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