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Session 11: The Snake Story


Snakes symbolize the powers of evil in more cultures than one. In The Snake Story, an introduction to the weapons of our spiritual warfare and the second part of the Pineapple Series, Otto Koning recounts the terrifying moment of truth when it came time to prove on the field in the jungles of New Guinea what it means to resist the Devil. This victory unlocked the door to a heavily restricted area and brought to three chiefs and nine hundred villagers that had been held captive to animism and spirit worship. Two weeks later at another evangelistic service, chaos reigned and the cause of Christ was again at stake. Again, verbally resisting Satan produced the same supernatural results and the natives of the Amenda village were able to hear the Gospel. Be encouraged and challenged for “greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world” and the authority of Jesus’ name is available to you in your Christian walk just as it was for this Christian soldier on the trail in the rain forest.


Length: 42 min.

Primary Topic: Spiritual Warfare

Speaker: Otto Koning


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