The Pineapple Story is a best-loved classic. How was it possible that a pineapple garden and a village full of thieves were used of God to instruct a missionary in Biblical principles? Join Otto Koning as he unfolds the hard-earned lessons he learned in Papua New Guinea about surrendering rights and conquering anger. His humorous yet profound message bears witness to the power of lordship and explains how each area of life and everything we own must be wholly yielded to Christ before we can effectively make disciples for the kingdom of God.


Length: 56 min.

Primary Topic: Total Surrender

Date: 1987

Speaker: Otto Koning


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  1. Thank you so much! That was such a blessing to hear that message. As I was listening to the pineapple story, I realized that there are things in my personal life that i need to give to God like my time, family, school etc. Your story encouraged me to do so.

    – Makaylee Randol

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