Dr. Lew Sterrett specializes in life lessons of leadership from the language of the horse. For over 30 years Dr. Lew has combined his expertise as a professional horse trainer, a certified youth and family counselor, a licensed pastor, and a successful business executive to produce unique events. Wittingly, he frames our own stubborn human nature with the example of unbroken horses that resist their master’s will. His demonstrations, however, never end there. As a father, wrangler and ministry man, he also exhibits a teacher's heart. With finely-tuned relationship skills, he provides answers from the Bible for a wide array of family problems, showing both parents and their children how fulfillment is to be found only in full surrender to Christ as Lord. He and his wife, Melodie, both hold doctorates: he in leadership training, and she in Biblical counseling. Their ministry is headquartered at Ransom Wind Ranch in Anadarko, Oklahoma.