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COURAGE: Touching the Untouchables


How is the heart brought from stubbornness and fear to surrender and rest? In this video, Lew Sterrett’s well-trained horse “Handsome” is paired with a filly that has never been ridden. In this process, Handsome is challenged by the filly to determine if his rider is trustworthy. Correlating this idea with evangelism, Lew exhorts families to show the trustworthiness of our Lord. May God grant us the courage to win the hearts of others through our relationship and walk with Christ!

Special note: This message is first in a series of three, preceding COURAGE: Turning Temptation to Triumph and COURAGE: Proclaiming Peace to Storms. Also, for a demonstration of a colt being broken in without the use of a second horse, see Capturing the Heart – A First Ride.




Length: 65 min.

Primary Topic: Discipleship

Date: 2021

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