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John Van Gelderen delves into Galatians 3, emphasizing the importance of focusing on Jesus. He highlights verses 26-27, explaining that faith in Jesus makes us children of God and baptizes us into Christ, leading to a profound union with Him. This union allows Jesus’ life to flow into ours, which he terms “life streaming.”

He elaborates on the significance of being baptized into Christ. He emphasizes that this union with Christ, marked by spirit baptism, is essential for living a Christ-centered life.

He stresses that the new creation within us, the “new man,” is righteous and holy because it is born of God’s nature. This transformation empowers us to live a life pleasing to God, not through our efforts, but through the indwelling life of Christ. He concludes by encouraging believers to trust in this provision and experience the supernatural empowerment of Jesus in their daily lives.


Length: 50 min.
Date: 2024


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