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Beholding The Glory of God


On April 8, 2024 millions of Americans saw a stunning display of how the heavens declare the glory of God when they witnessed the total solar eclipse as it crossed a huge area of the US! A group gathered in Texas before a Family Conference to watch this event. The earth’s precise location in the solar system allows us to get an amazing view of this incredible celestial wonder.  In this presentation not only will you see footage of the 2024 solar eclipse, but you will also hear from astronomer Spike Psarris, on how the many fine-tuned details of the universe are making a profound statement: they are revealing God’s existence and declaring His glory! And beyond this declaration God offers us an invitation: to be transformed into His likeness through beholding the face of His Son Jesus!


Length: 16 min.
Date: 2024

Speaker: Spike Psarris


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