Struggling Sinner or Righteous Reigning?


A sin-conscious heart focuses on the law, leading to fear, unworthiness, and frustration. A God-conscious heart focuses on Jesus, resulting in faith, peace, and joy. Our true identity as believers is as saints, not sinners. Our new nature defaults to righteousness because of God’s DNA within us.

To move from a sin-conscious to a God-conscious heart, we need to change our thinking based on three truths:

  1. Through faith in Jesus, we are declared righteous (justification).
  2. We are made righteous in part (regeneration).
  3. By faith, we can live out the righteousness of Jesus (sanctification).

By focusing on Jesus, we access his power and live a life that honors God. Let’s shift our focus to Jesus, allowing the Spirit to convince us of our new identity and enabling us to live a life that glorifies Him.


Length: 53 min.
Date: 2024


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