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Session 2: Eight Prerequisites of Anger Resolution

5 thoughts on “Session 2: Eight Prerequisites of Anger Resolution”

  1. Wonderful
    I originally just watched for enrichment but surprised when I found myself In the description of anger and am so happy that the Lord opened this to me. I’m unworthy, unqualified, and asking for God’s mercy as I learn all I need to learn from this series. Thank you for making it available. Everyone needs to see this.

    1. Please pray for me. I have been angry for so many years and never knew how to deal with it,put it away from me. My children are turning away from the Lord because of my bitter, angry,unloving, unthankful,and hypocritical attitudes. I myself have become physically ill and very depressed. My home is sinking into poverty partly because of my bitter disobedience. God have mercy. Bethany

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