Session 1: Discerning a Spirit of Anger


  • The urgency of resolving anger
  • How to evaluate anger
  • The need to test every spirit
  • Discerning a spirit of anger
  • What is a spirit of anger?
  • Characteristics of a spirit of anger
  • Visible evidences of anger
  • Why all wrath is wrong
  • Common justifications for being angry
  • What about anger in the pulpit?
  • My personal commitment
  • A personal evaluation for anger resolution


Length: 78 min.

Primary Topic: Spiritual Warfare

Speaker: Bill Gothard



7 thoughts on “Session 1: Discerning a Spirit of Anger”

  1. i attended basic life principles and advance in new zealand around 1989.re attend 2or 3 times .life changing. few years ago,i want to re attend. so happy that all these can be obtained online for small amount of money.i am in malaysia .

  2. Many Blessings! Thank-you for the Embassy Institute! Wonderfully convenient, as we care for two special needs ladies, with many medical frailty’s, and do not have the availability right now to come and go so easily…….Encouraging, Helpful, Needful! We want to share this with others!

  3. Thank you for making these available online to us all. I live in Washington State and have looked into attending one of these seminars for quite a long time now but they are always so far away from me in other states and I also have 5 very young children. This makes it much easier for me to watch from home at night after the kids go to bed. Thank you so much!!

  4. I drive truck at night, and listen to these seminars.. I attended these many years ago, and I am ecstatic that I can listen, and watch on line now…
    I’d there any way that these can be downloaded while on WiFi, so data won’t be used up,
    out on road?

  5. Thank you so much for these wonderful sessions. I asked the Lord to deliver me from anger and after searching I came across this site. I am thoroughly enjoying the lessons and I am looking forward to sharing with you the full extent of what the Lord Jesus has done by setting me free. Thank you Bill and God bless you.

  6. Every person should hear this message. I learned so much about myself and realized I have a bigger anger problem than I thought. I want to be all God desires for me to be

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