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Session 18: Principles of Discipline


  • How Jesus matured in his youth
  • Begin training before birth
  • Establish a wise daily schedule
  • Strengthen communication with the spirit of your child
  • Define responsibilities in discipline
  • Apply three aspects of correction



Length: 67 min.

Primary Topic: Family Harmony

Speaker: Bill Gothard



1 thought on “Session 18: Principles of Discipline”

  1. I am so grateful to have been presented with the ideas in the birth order and discipline videos. I’ve avoided any thoughts of having children because I didn’t want to repeat my parents actions toward their children. Mr. Gothard has encouraged me that I don’t have to repeat their mistakes and by following the biblical principals I can raise happy and joyful children. I believe that God will bless me with a christian husband and family as I continue my growth in the Lord.

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